Sibley's Consolidated Property Tax Rate Tops Most in Region

For fiscal year 2007-08 Sibley's consolidated (city, county, school) property tax rate is the second highest in this region of Iowa. This rate is applied to the assessed value of your home times the state authorized percent rollback and then divided by $1,000. To review the tax rates for each municipality in Iowa click here. Something rarely mentioned by economic development promoters is that high property taxes often contribute to driving people and businesses out of communities. Consider how many current and past Sibley professionals have moved to the Lakes. The local taxing bodies need to take a serious look at reducing expenses to promote real economic development.

41.634 Rock Rapids
39.890 Sibley
36.108 George
35.968 Sanborn
35.272 Little Rock
34.877 Ocheyedan
34.773 Ashton
32.503 Sheldon
32.492 Spencer
32.046 Lake Park
31.968 Boyden
31.848 Harris
30.633 Melvin
29.482 Spirit Lake