Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

We, the OCTA, believe government exists to provide basic services at a reasonable cost to the residents of the community. We believe that government should be accountable to the tax payer for the level of service provided, the way it provides these services and for the cost of these services. The OCTA will assist both the taxpayer and the government entity to first: identify problems, second come up with solutions for problems, and finally, will provide a flow of information to and from the taxpayer to ensure these solutions are pursued and the accountability maintained.

Means To The Goal
1. Identify problems and priority issues
2. Explore solutions
3. Provide information
4. Encourage government leaders to pursue necessary changes
5. Seek out office holders with similar goals and purposes
6. Find common ground with those who oppose our views to identify, and when necessary, expose their reasons and motives
7. Ensure financial viability of local governments by pursuing frugal spending options
8. Conduct open, honest and courteous debate with all parties involved ie. tax payers, leaders, media, employees
9. Make sure costs of government (including labor) reflect community values, community levels , the level of responsibility and the population of the entity being served