Watch the County Supervisors Snub the Taxpayers. See the OCTA's newest video Here. See the OCTA's Comp Board video Here.

Taxpayer Money Received By Ocheyedan Press News & Sibley Gazette

See the attached ledgers from Osceola County of the taxpayer money received thru May of 2016 by the two newspapers in the county.

Sonstegard Entities Receive $19,213,000 Taxpayer Money To Cover Losses From Avian Influenza

The OCTA conducted a FOIA public records request of the USDA for copies of all claim forms, loss reports, settlement statements and any other documents tied to taxpayer funded indemnity payments to Sonstegard Foods Company, Inc. and related entities, as a result of their Osceola County poultry operation contracting avian influenza. The 44 page report provided to us by the United States Department of Agriculture can be downloaded at the 2016-APHIS-03754-F link.

Minten's Settlement With Weber Costs Taxpayers $175,000; Third Lawsuit Filed Against Weber!

Friends of Osceola County Taxpayers Association;

Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber's violation of Deputy Sheriff Dan Minten's Constitutional liberty resulted in a $270,000 cash settlement, $95,000 of which was paid for by the county's insurance company. The remaining $175,000 was paid for by the taxpayers of Osceola County. We don't know yet what the increase in the insurance premium will be, due to this claim. See the legal settlement here.

Updated material from S-O School District, Janaury 2012

To review the January 9, 2012, S-O school board agenda check Here.

To review S-O board member Dr. Berkland's request and Superintendent Becker's response to requests on TAG funding check Here.

S-O Employee Hartzell's Email and Avery's Response

To see the email LaDonn Hartzell send out before the recent school board election and the district attorney's response to it, check here.

S-O School District Critical Information

2006 Sibley-Ocheyedan State of Iowa Site Visit with Responses to Non-Compliance Issues check Here.

Sibley-Ocheyedan New Tag Program (2011-2012) Check Here.

2011 Sibley-Ocheyedan Site Visit with Responses to Non-Compliance Issues Check Here.

All But One Osceola County Supervisor Snub the People!

After receiving previous calls from around the county, Tuesday morning January 25, 2011, the Osceola County Board of Supervisors snubbed the people of the county and effectively voted to increase the salaries of elected officials by 60% of the amount the discredited Comp Board had previously recommended they should be increased. There was one noted exception. Freshman Supervisor Roger Sixta made the first motion to effectively freeze all salaries of the elected officials for the coming year. Sixta's motion died for lack of a second.

The Supervisors Are Being Asked to Blow Nearly $50,000 of Rural Taxpayer Money!

You need to Act to Stop Them!

At the June 10, 2008 board meeting, Larry Jeddeloh speaking on behalf of his own business and thirteen business on old Hwy 60 (2nd Ave.) requested the supervisors put lighting along the Highway 60 Expressway, south interchange into Sibley. It was stressed that the city and county need to work together on this issue. Better signage was also suggested. The supervisors were all in agreement that lighting is important and asked that an estimate of the cost be presented at a future meeting.

Who Does Osceola County Attorney Bob Hansen Really Work For?

Osceola County County Compensation Board members received a letter from County Auditor Barb Echter calling for the County Compensation Board meeting on Monday evening, November 23, 2009. In the letter Echter noted that most elected officials were calling for a 0% pay raise but that "the Sheriff will need an increase due to the union contract." This is referring to the union contract between the Sheriff's deputies and dispatchers and the Osceola County Board of Supervisors.

State IFSCME Union Accepts Effective 2% Pay Cut, While Osceola County IFSCME Union Demands 3.25% Pay Raise!

The Iowa affiliate of the AFSCME union representing state employees, voted the end of November 2009, to accept 5 days of unpaid work for the current fiscal year, in their effort to assist with the state's budget crisis. This, in one sense, would be the equivalent of a 1.9% pay cut. (5 days / 260 annual days) See the story in the Des Moines Register.

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